We're Local

Many people get out of the habit of shopping locally and then are surprised at the range of products, gifts and services that are found just around the corner.

We're Fresh

Independent shops create unique and distinctive shopping experiences as well as stock different products. They can respond quickly and personally to each customer’s needs. They can also be extremely innovative and helpful. Shops will only survive if customers spend locally.

We're Lehigh Valley

Small local businesses are the largest employers nationally. Help our towns create local employment and self employment for our family, friends, neighbours and our children. People who are locally employed spend money in our community.


The "Shop Local Campaign LV" is an effort to build awareness of the importance to support locally owned business in our community. The goal is to change our buying/spending habits and unite us as a community by combining our greatest resources such as local customers and local small businesses. By enjoying what our local small businesses offer, we not only strengthen our local economy, but experience and taste what you can only find in the Lehigh Valley. Our goal is to change our buying.spending habits and unite us as a community by combining our greatest resources which are local customers and local small businesses. You have a choice of where you eat, shop, spend so make your community better with the right decision to SHOP & BUY LOCAL LV.

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Local Businesses

By keeping local dollars working here at home, our community, local businesses, jobs and schools will continue to prosper with our support. Together, we can support the vision and our community with every dollar we spend with the locals. A 2008 survey reflects the following: Of $100 spent at a Locally owned and operated Business $27 dollars leave the local economy and $73 remain in the Community


Shop LocalLV' mission is to partner with local businesses in order to create & develop as well as implement a unique “shop local” campaign. By working together businesses better support other businesses, increase their customer base, and continue support of schools, social services and the arts in our community. My mission and goal is to change the way our locals think and always consider supporting the local businesses before the bigger chains if possible. Lets make a positive impact in our community not only what we buy but most importantly where we buy and from whom.


My name is Vica Shparber and I myself have owned a business in the Lehigh Valley for the last 8 years. I found the need to start an organization where small businesses like myself can get the support from our locals in the community. Before this campaign launched I started a Business Owners Group that takes place on facebook. In over a year we grew from 0 to around 600+ members. The group is used to refer each other and gain the visibility that just wasnt possible before. Some of the members have grown their business more than 40%. It is effective when you have a close group of business owners looking after each other and our goal is all about promoting and supporting locally-owned, independent businesses.

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